Terrance Puryearis an entrepreneur, author, and an associate pastor in southeastern Michigan.  He is best known for his work in leadership development and motivational career coaching.  Terrance founded TLP Business Solutions, LLC in 2016 shortly after graduating from Eastern Michigan University with his Bachelor’s degree literature and communications.  He was born and raised in southeast Michigan and currently resides there with his wife and 3 daughters.  While Terrance is a Michigan native, he has travelled the country sharing his teaching on leadership and inspiring great thinkers to maximize their potential.  From a very early age, Terrance was taught the value of community service and reaped the benefits of strong mentors and teachers that inspired him to support the needs of others.  His main goal and passion is to influence the influencers – creating a partnership with leaders from all walks of life and inspiring them to make a difference.

After spending nearly a decade working for one of the world’s largest multi-media entertainment companies, Terrance pursued his passion full time by starting his own company specializing in leadership development, professional career coaching, business strategy, and public speaking.  In 2016, Terrance released his first book on organizational leadership, Does Your Net Work: Exceptional Leadership Through Biblical Principles.

Terrance is a charismatic visionary that leverages his faith to guide him through the journey of serving people where they are and helping them get to where they want to be.